Kim’s video Collection

The Independent Cinema Center “KIM” is an integral component of the Museum System of Salemi. It is a collection of about over 38,000 audiovisual products (VHS, DVD) whose entities, history and variety represent a unique heritage worldwide. It was given to the City of Salemi in 2009 by the Korean-American entrepreneur Yongman Kim who was the owner of the largest independent movie rental chain in New York.  Despite its importance, the collection has received little attention from the institutions in charge for a long time .

Since 2015, the current administration has initiated some limited recovery actions aimed at involving the local population through events (projections, associative activities, etc.) and on the other hand to the requalification of spaces and instrumentation. However, to date the Center does not have adequate technical, financial and human resources to ensure its full operativity. In 2021 they opened a Collection infopoint located on the ground floor of the Town Hall, which gave people the possibility of consulting and receiving information on Dvds and VHS stored in the archive.

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