It consists of five rooms that start from Prehistory to the Middle Ages and houses findings brought to light during the excavation campaigns conducted over the years in the territory of Salemi: Contrada Pitrazzi, Mokarta, Mount Polizo, historic centre, Saint Miceli.

The Archaeological section was founded in 2005 in collaboration with the Superintendence of BB.CC.AA of the Province of Trapani and with the exhibition “10 years of archaeological excavations in the territory of Salemi: 1995-2005”.

The Archaeological section was subsequently realigned in 2011 with the intent of showing the different archaeological contexts present on the territory of Salemi in a different and permanant  way.

The archaeological finds on display represent the most significant findings made during excavation campaigns by a consortium of foreign universities composed of Goteborg University (Sweden), Oslo University (Norway), Stanford University (USA) and Northen Illinois University (USA), as well as the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Trapani and carried out in the last ten years in the sites of Mokarta, Mount Polizo and inside the Norman-Swabian Castle.

Among the finds the “tulip vases” have  particular value belonging to the prehistoric village of Mokarta district, the Capeduncola found on Mount Polizzo and the golden earring with lion’s head, found near the Norman-Swabian castle of Salemi.

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