The archaeological site of Mokarta, south-west of the urban center of Salemi, is one of the most important evidence of prehistoric times in Sicily.

It is a village, located on the top of the Hill of Mokarta, dating back to the Late Bronze Age (XIII-X sec. BC) and consists of circular huts characterized by the peculiarity of a double entrance.

Along the sides of the hill it was investigated a vast necropolis with tombs of the type ” grotticella” carved into the rock. As evidenced by the traces of destruction, the village was abandoned around the X sec. BC after a traumatic event, probably an incursion of stranger populations belonging to the ethnic group of Elimi. At that time they settled in the western part of Sicily. In front of the entrance of one of the huts, the skeleton of a young woman was probably found trapped by the collapse of the roof during the escape. This discovery reinforces the thesis that the village was destroyed and suddenly abandoned.

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