Basilica of San Miceli

A few kilometers from the city center of Salemi there are the remains of the Early Christian Basilica of San Miceli found by Antonino Salinas at the end in 1893.

It is a religious building with an apsidal plan with mosaic flooring tile,  surrounded on the outside by a necropolis with graves dug into the soft rock bank, from which come rich grave goods.

The excavations brought to light three levels of mosaic flooring inside the building dating to a period between the fourth and sixth centuries A.D.

The most recent one shows a Latin inscription only partially legible which reads: (te) mporibus (p)ontificis patris episc(opi).

In the underlying pavement which is characterized by a rhombus decoration pattern, you can read some inscriptions in Greek language. In the third and oldest flooring, the mosaic which is made in a modest workmanship, was damaged by excavations of the upper levels and bears no inscription.

From the findings it is possible to hypothesize that the Basilica was destroyed by fire.

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